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Digital DJ Music Collection

With a complete MP3 Digital Music Library, we have songs ranging from the 30’s through today and we are able to compete with some of the largest companies in the state. Our company has the ability to mix music for special occasions such as Wedding Ceremonies or Parties. Our music selection consists of over 20,000 songs and continues to grow. Choosing to keep mostly popular and top rated songs in our library, we avoid wasting valuable storage space and overwhelming lists of music, both for our DJ's convenience and of course our clients who choose to look and search through our music lists.



Music Collection Genre's

We allow you to choose all the music that YOU want, or if you prefer, we will choose all of the music for you. We have no set play lists and play to the crowd that appears that day.  Nearly all genres (music styles) are covered by our extensive music library, which is up to date with today’s hottest songs and of course all the good old ones too.   We have music from all the most popular music styles (genre's):

Blues • Children's • Classical • Country • Electronic • Techno • Folk and Traditional • New Age • Novelty and Comedy • R&B and Soul • Rap and Hip-Hop • Reggae • Religious and Devotional
• Rock • Pop • World • MANY MORE


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Download Entire Music List by Artist: PDF

Download List

Download Entire Music List by Song Title: PDF

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