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Fun & Creative Dance Lighting!

Our systems are accompanied by top of the line dance lights. Our light shows are always creative and we use small individual lights to help save on space and it allows us to customize the position the lighting to get the best feel and set the best atmosphere to dance in.. We do not have lighting show packages. We feel that everyone should have a great light show at their event, and that’s what they will get. Typical setup lights include; black light, flame light, spot lights and rotating mushroom or ball lights.




Professional Grade DJ Equipment

Professional Equipment for Professional Entertainment...
Our systems are powered by top of the line amplifiers, speakers, computers and lights. All of our songs are Computerized MP3’s. There are several advantages to computer audio versus using CD’s: we can search our entire music library in seconds, we can change the order of our upcoming songs instantly, songs never skip, and our setup is quicker and smaller. Our light shows are always creative. Also, as a standard, we provide cordless mics for speeches and announcements.

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Backup Equipment

Our equipment and systems are designed to run even if a piece of equipment fails.


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