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Minnesota Pro DJ Service FREE Event Planner and Online Form.

*** YOU MUST SUBMIT this form when finished. After you submit it,
we will review it and email you a printable version for you to keep!


Special Event Planner

DISCLAIMER:  Microphone failure practically never happens, but like every single electronic item on the planet, it will fail or quit working at some point.  We do always have a backup mic, but if the cordless mic is being used, and it quits working or is not working properly, in most cases the event will have to continue as is, without a microphone.  We can't run cables far enough in most cases to replace our cordless mic with our backup corded mic.

We have a "NO DROP" policy for ALL of our equipment.  If it is dripping or raining at any level it can wreck nearly any piece of our equipment… from camera's to speakers and microphones.  We CAN'T take any chances if it is going to rain.  If rain occurs during any part of an event… we must shut down immediately no matter what!  If we are completely covered by a shelter (including mic) then we are safe of course.

Contacts Name(s)

Contacts Phone Number*

Additional Phone Number

Contacts Email*

Event Date*

Type of Event and Details

Name of Venue More Info
Please list the details of the location or building in which the event is taking place. i.e Radisson Hotel Banquet Room, 2nd floor, no elevator present.
Please list the details of the location or
building in which the event is taking place.

Venue/Event Address

Venue Phone Number

Event Day Contact Person More Info
Please include the contact name and details for the person in charge of setting up and coordinating the event. (So we know where to go and where to setup at the venue)

Guest Arrival Time

Cocktail start time

Dinner Start Time

Dance Start Time

Equipment Setup Time More Info
We like about an hour and a half to setup. If it is ok with you and we aren't providing any dinner music, we can set up during the meal.

How Would You Like Your DJ to Dress?
 Formal  Male DJ: A suite or formal button up shirt with tie or bow tie.
                    Female DJ: A dress or business suit style outfit.
It is a good idea to inform family and friends about what dances are expected of them and when they will occur so they are ready and aware that they will be involved. Some slow songs are several minutes long, if you would like us to shorten or fade some long songs early, just let us know.
 Semi Formal  DJ Polo, Dress Pants and Dress Shoes. 
 Casual  Still looks nice, but can wear shorts/jeans and tennis shoes.

Number of Guests

Will Alcohol Be Served?

Social or Cocktail Music Needed?
A fee is applied if not included in your package. Cost

Dinner Music?
 Yes  More Info
Keep in mind that depending upon where we are setup, it may be hard for everyone to hear without it being to loud for those seated closest to our system.
A fee is applied if not included in your package. Cost

Dinner Music Type: More Info
Oldies: Slower to more up beat the closer it gets to the Dance. Smooth Jazz: Artists like Diana Krall & Norah Jones. Romantic Instrumentals: Traditional Love songs like "Kiss From A Rose" and "Unchained Melody" without the words of course. Mix: A mix of Easy Listening and Smooth Jazz. Artists like Michael Buble & Jack Johnson.

Oldies: Play Smooth Jazz: Play Romantic Instrumentals: Play Mix: Play

Dinner or Social Music in a Different Room / Area?

There is a fee if the DJ needs to setup gear in a different room or area than the dance.


Do You Need to Use Our Cordless Mic?
 Yes  More Info
It usually works best to use the venues mic (or house mic) for toasts and speeches because they usually have speakers all around the room. We are usually in the corner or at an end which means the people at the far end may have a hard time hearing.
Even if we are Not Providing Dinner or Cocktail
Music, you Can Use our Mic Towards The End of

Will there be a slideshow or video?
 Yes  More Info
FYI: The feedback that we have received from clients and experienced ourselves is that it is best to keep the slideshow around 10 minutes. People tend to start talking before it is complete if it is too long.

Describe Your Perfect DJ

Favorite Music Styles

Any Special Dances

How Would You Like the DJ
To Handle Guest Requests?
 Use Your Best Judgement - Play Only Good/Appropriate Requests 
 Take And Play All Requests 


Keep in mind that everyone has different tastes in music, some more "odd" than others.  Often times slow songs get requested more than dance songs so it can hinder the dance due to too many undanceable songs.  We recommend allowing the DJ to "use their best judgement".

You can request anything you want anytime of course.

Will a Meal Be Provided for the DJ?
A plate would be greatly appreciated, but we do not require that a meal be provided.
If a meal is not provided, please let us know so we can make other arrangements.

Other Notes & Comments:

Mn Pro DJ Requirements

Things for the DJ and Setup.

Table With Skirt & Chair:

We prefer a table be provided, a 4 to 8 foot table with skirt to match the rest of the decor is ideal. If a table cannot be provided, please let us know so we bring one with us. A chair is also nice for any down time so the DJ can get off of their feet.

Some companies require a meal be provided for the DJ, we do not, but a plate would be greatly appreciated. If a meal is not provided, please let us know so we can make other arrangements.

We prefer an area of about 18'-21' wide by 9'-10' deep. More Info
Dj Dimensions
Click for more info.

We like the lights to go beside the DJ table and speakers, but they can go behind the table if need be. If we are showing the slideshow or video, there needs to be extra room for the screen and projector as well.

A full outlet (two plug-ins) is a must in most cases. Preferably on it's own breaker. We also need a 110v outlet (typical outlet), we do not have converters for a 220v outlet.

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CostThis event planner is designed to help planners and coordinators to plan parties and other special events. For our clients, after you submit the form, it will be emailed directly to us so we have all the details for your upcoming event. Before you submit the planner please review your selections to make sure they are accurate and as complete as you want it to be. If you are not comfortable filling this out online, you may call our office and we can arrange a time to meet in person or talk things over on the phone. If there is something not listed on the planner that you would like us to do, please contact us to discuss.

After you submit your planner, we will email you a printable version for you to keep! If you need to make changes, please simply email us or call us with the changes and we will send you a new copy!

Event planning can be a difficult task, that's why we are here to help you in any way we can. We offer many different services to help make your event move along smoothly and help to make it as fun as possible. We also have many helpful links and pages to help you find venues and services for your special event.

We also provide a lot of information on this site to help you plan fun games, events, and we also offer lots of free advice to help make your special event unforgettable for you and your guests. Whether you want traditional, high class or an outrageous event that people will be talking about for a long time, we are here to help make that happen!