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WedPhoria is your Professional, Experienced Maplewood MN DJ Company serving the Minnesota area since 1998. Offering many different services such as Photography, Photo Booths, multiple packages and music ranging from the 30’s through today, we are able to compete with some of the largest companies in the state. Our company has the ability to mix music for special occasions such as Wedding Ceremonies or Parties. Our music selection consists of over 20,000 songs and continues to grow. Choosing to keep mostly popular and top rated songs in our library, we avoid wasting valuable storage space and overwhelming lists of music. We allow our clients the ability to plan their entire event ahead of time, including music selections and special activities. All of our DJ’s are experienced and your day is just as important to them as it is to you.

If you are looking for a professional Wedding DJ in Maplewood MN or a Maplewood DJ Service, look no further! With many years of experience, excellent reviews and great prices, you can be sure that we are the best choice to be your Maplewood Wedding DJ Service.

Why Choose Us for your Maplewood MN Wedding DJ Service?

Mn Pro DJ, now known as Wedphoria strives to be the most accommodating Maplewood MN Wedding DJ Service as possible! From start to finish we allow our clients to be involved and in charge. We encourage and invite our clients to choose music and events that they want. We don't use any set play lists, we play to the crowd and what you and your guests want. And if our clients need help and suggestions or want us to choose all or some of the music, we will do that too! Customer satisfaction is 100% of our business and that is what we aim for!

Professional Equipment for Professional Entertainment

Our Maplewood DJ systems are powered by top of the line amplifiers, speakers, computers and lights. We also have a backup system in case of emergencies. All of our songs are Computerized MP3’s. There are several advantages to computer audio versus using CD’s: we can search our entire music library in seconds, we can change the order of our upcoming songs instantly, songs never skip, and our setup is quicker and smaller. As a standard, we provide mics for speeches and announcements.

Fun & Creative Maplewood DJ Lighting!

Our systems are accompanied by top of the line dance lights. Our light shows are always creative and we use small individual lights to help save on space and it allows us to customize the position the lighting to get the best feel and set the best atmosphere to dance in.. We do not have lighting show packages. We feel that everyone should have a great light show at their event, and that’s what they will get.

Our Custom Made Maplewood DJ Systems & Setups

Maplewood Dj System

High Volume Professional Grade Dance Lights. Each system contains 3 to 4 of these magnificent lights that illuminate any dance floor. These help to create a great dancing atmosphere. They are adjustable and react to the music.

Top of the line Professional Grade Speakers. Each system contains two or four professional loud speakers that produce enough sound to perform indoors or outdoors. The amp and speaker combinations are some of the best on the market today. The sound quality and performance are second to none.

Mushroom and Dance Ball Lights. With each setup we include these handy little lights that project a similar light pattern to a small disco ball.

Computers, Amps & Mixers. Our systems are currently powered by Mac or PC Laptops and top of the line Yorkville or Rane amps/mixers. The computers are loaded with over 20,000 MP3 songs from some of the greatest artists of the past century. Nearly every genre is covered and includes most of the biggest dance hits known to man. Our bigger systems gave 10 channel mixers can handle up to 6 microphones, cordless mics, WedPhoria power, special effects, monitors, and much more. With great power and liability, these amps help to produce some of the highest quality of sound possible.

Black light. Each system setup includes a black light. These lights help to set the mood and add a little fun to each event.

Flame Lights. The kids always get a kick out of our specialty lights. Flame lights or/and mini generator lights may be included to add some extra uniqueness to your event.

Table Sheet. We always provide our own sheets in case that the venue does not provide us with a full sheet or skirting for the DJ table.

Projector Rental; for slide shows and DVD presentations. Projector rental is extremely expensive and hard to find, so save time and money by renting from us. Hooks up to a laptop, VCR or DVD player and we can run everything for you. And don't forget that we can create your slide shows and DVD's as well!!!

Photo booth Rentals; can be a great way to capture memories of you event. Photo booths, especially at weddings, are so much fun! Guests have a blast and the pictures make a great parting gifts. Our Photo Booths are a great compliment to our Maplewood MN DJ Service.

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Wedding DJ in Maplewood MN Commonly Asked Questions

Do you have a customer satisfaction or refund policy?
If something goes wrong, which has never happened, refunds and discounts are available. We always sign a contract, therefore assuring you that we will be there and for the time indicated on the binding contract. We also have backup equipment just in case.

What are your qualifications? Have you been professionally trained or certified?
We have been a part of the Better Business Bureau and several other Entertainment related Associations in the past. Due to large fee's that never pay off for us, we have quit being a part of most of these, Dave the CEO has been officially DJ'ing for 10 years and everyone that DJ's is experienced... no inexperienced rookies or high school kids.

What are your hourly rates?
Our rates differ per event due to location, total length of time needed and other factors. We don't do this to make extra money, we do this to cover our time and costs involved, which in turn saves people with smaller weddings and events some money because we usually don't need as much equipment or wear and tear.

Do you require a deposit? What is your cancellation policy?
We do require a very small deposit. We also offer a 90 day money-back cancellation not including the deposit. So if a deposit is required, it is forfeited to us.

Do you specialize in a specific genre of music?
NO. We have some of everything. 20,000 plus songs. We even have polka & waltzes.

Do you take requests?
ABSOLUTELY! Why not? Unless the bride and groom don't want us too!

Can I provide my own music?
More the merrier, but keep in mind that a lot of songs are from 3 minutes to 5 minutes in length so it doesn't take that many songs to have a few hours of music. We can custom blend and mix music too. We can even record your voice to karaoke or create music for your own song!

Do you have back-up equipment in case of failure?

Will you also be the Master of Ceremonies (EMCEE)?
Yes. We just need to know ahead of time if you need us to do a march or anything like that.

What is your standard attire?
Dress polo with dress shoes. A tux or suit if requested.

How are you different from other disc jockeys?
We allow our clients to be involved and in charge from start to finish. We invite and encourage our clients to choose the music and events that they want. We don't have any set play lists, we play to the crowd and what they and our clients want. And if our clients need help and suggestions or want us to choose all or some of the music, we will do that too! Customer satisfaction is 100% of our business and that's what we shoot for!

What Is Your DJ style?
We are professional and base our performance style on the type of crowd and choice of music. Meaning, if the crowd is older with keep a quieter profile and if the crowd is young and into Hip Hop/Rock then we get more involved. Our philosophy is: more music and a lot less talk. Because people don't wanna know our opinions or thoughts, they wanna dance and have fun!!!

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