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Minnesota Wedding Videography


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Thanks so much for helping us celebrate our special day.  The DJ, Videographer and Photo Booth folks were awesome!  First class all the way!
- Bridgett & Heather -
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Why choose us?

Videography (cinematography) is not about a couple cameras' recordings meshed together with minimal effort and time invested. Creating and capturing high quality video takes talent, creativity and hard work.

We strive to harvest and immortalize all of the emotions, passions and dramitic feelings that are created on your wedding day. We capture the beauty and present it in a way that is both entertaining, moving and helps reflect the emotions and excitement of the big day.

The same level of passion and creativity that is implemented into profession, big screen movies is incorporated when we are capturing and telling the story of your wedding day.  We love what we do and it shows in the outcome of our work. We do more than just point a camera and record what is happening. It is very boring and hard to follow when any event or situation is recorded and mearly played back. The challenge is put the viewers back into the day as if they were there in person each time they watch the video. We want to tell your story, not just capture pictures in motion.

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The Way We Roll "Film"

Some of the candid moments are the best. Nervous actions, tears of joy, whispering guests and giggles when something doesn't go quite right or an unexpected joke tickles the crowd. These moments are some of best to watch and will linger as great memories for a lifetime. Capturing them on film makes them nearly re-livable. We do our best to be ready at all times and have several camera's ready at several angles to capture as many fun times as possible.


more samples: youtube

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