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5 Star DJ ReviewsWe had an absolutely amazing experience with Scott, our DJ. I had read so many reviews about brides booking with DJ companies where you didn't find out your specific DJ until the week of and it was so hit and miss depending on your actual DJ, so I was hesitate about booking with a company versus an individual. But the package was too much of a deal to pass up. Then this was not the case at all as Scott was amazing!!! He checked in with us through the night, keep the party going and the dance floor packed, and really went above and beyond to make our day special. We can't thank him enough!
- Tia

5 Star DJ ReviewsDJ Val did an amazing job for our wedding! I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a DJ. She was super friendly and very willing to play anything we asked for. We had several people comment about how good the music was!
- Stacy

5 Star DJ ReviewsThank you so much for everything! We really enjoyed working with you and the entire team. James Riley was so much fun as a DJ! He was a blast!!! He kept the tunes going so well! We really enjoyed working with him. Very fun and great announcing voice! 
- Erin

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Going Green for your Minnesota Wedding


going green

Get Started Going Green!

Going Green doesn't mean you have to compromise or cut corners when it comes to your important day. We all know that most peoples wedding day is one of the most important days and events in a persons life. Going Green on your wedding day can be a great way to make your wedding unique and more memorable for you and your guests.

Below is a list of things you can do to Go Green on your Wedding Day or other Special Occasion...


• Choose a location that allows you to have the ceremony and reception at the same place. Saves travel.

• Choose to have an outside wedding. Saves energy and involved less decorating and garbage in the end. A tent rental can solve the "in case of rain" fear. Farms, lakeside, green houses and gardens are great and usually inexpensive places to host beautiful weddings.

• Taking a horse drawn carriage to the wedding or have hybrid car for the valet can be a great way to "do your part".

• Choose a reception site that is closest (centralized)to the biggest number of guests coming to your wedding to minimize travel.

• Check to make sure the venue and catering recycles at the end of the night and also that al salvageable food it given away or disposed of properly.

• Choose a LEED-certified business. (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Visit USBC for listings.

•Use LED lighting to save energy.

Wedding Rings, Bands & Jewelry

• Wooden Bands (one-of-a-kind) are available and unique.

• Melt down old jewelry to make new stuff.

• Borrow needed jewelry from friends and family.

• Vintage Rings - family heirlooms or antiques

• Lab generated diamonds - green karats. There are other lines of jewelry that are available as well.

• Ask for or look for "conflict-free" jewelry.


• Use online invites and phone invites instead of paper invites.

• If you use paper invites, use recycled paper or paper made from hemp, plant able paper, bamboo, cotton or other materials. And use inks that are vegetable or soy based on chlorine free paper.

• Avoid metallic papers or coated papers.

• Use a postcard or all in one invite versus using envelopes.

• Include in your invites locations for eco-friendly gifts, hotels, transportation, etc.

Bridal and Formal Wear

• Vintage - Wear a hand-me down or family dress. Also a used dress.

• Choose clothes made from hemp, bamboo, cotton or silk.

• Buy clothes that you and wedding party can wear again.

• Go barefoot or wear vegetable dyed shoes.

• Use all natural makeup's or none at all.

• Donate the clothing when finished.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

• Keep it local

• Use a bus or offer a hybrid to pickup guests.

• Grow and use your own flowers and natural decorations.

• Go to an organic spa or celebrate with organic wine or beer.

• Do something outdoors... like camping or nature hiking, etc.


• Organic flowers and plants for main decorations. Donate flowers to a hospital or retirement home afterwards.

• Use rocks, branches and other materials to decorate.

• Use leaves or bark as placeholders.

• Biodegradable confetti or rose petals.

• Use beeswax candles or soy-based candles.


• Keep proofs digital and maybe even your final pictures to save printing and paper. Use Facebook or Flickr to share the photos


• Serve fruits, grains and nuts, or a vegetarian meal.

• Use an organic caterer and bakery.

• Donate extra food to a homeless or food shelter.

• Avoid using plastic or paper silverware and plates. Rent if need be or use biodegradable utensils, etc.

• Make sure the venue recycles properly.

Gifts & Favors

• Request a eco-friendly store to register. Use a store that donates parts of their profits to charity.

• Ask for donations or charity gifts instead.

• Ask people to share cards instead of getting many individual ones.

• Create a wish list of desired eco-friendly gifts for your guests to bring.

• Give potted plants, natural skin care products, organic wine, seeds, natural soaps, homemade natural decorations or free digital music as favors.


• Go somewhere local or travel by train.

• Stay at a Green resort or B&B.

• Do something rustic or outdoors instead.

• Go biking or canoeing instead of using a car to get around.